“Poem ‘Untitled’”

I wonder why some intrepid men
Who've won their wings of gold,
Ignore a safety axiom
And always play it bold. 

On takeoffs they suck the gear up fast,
On pull-outs they go low.
While taxiing in confining space,
They never do go slow. 

High side runs on every bogey,
They make most every day,
With never a consideration
That the piper they must pay.

They buzz the beach with childish pride,
Their mind on other things.
If not the death of many men
It could cost them their wings.

No man is ever perfect,
Each has his particular drive.
But … safely, mission ready,
Is the goal for which we strive.

Safety is not timidity,
But really a frame of mind.
It is the key to readiness
To answer the call on time.

It takes a conscientious man
To be a navy pro,
It is the effort of all hands
That makes the squadron go.

Every pilot a tiger
Can help a man be whole,
With NATOPS, safety and common sense
To direct him to his goal.

The CO, XO, SO, OPS,
All push the safety game,
For in the final analysis
It makes the squadron's name.

Pensacola Preflight Class 13-48 Via Frank Bonansinga 12-47