“Flying Midshipman Memories” *

I was dredging around about the old Flying Midshipmen memories recently, about how I got into the program as well as some of the political memories that went it. My class in P'cola was 14-49, and we had just reported in when Adm Holiday left BuPers, and they started to try to kill the program. Bob Stephan was in that class, and I think he switched to NAVCAD because he was going to be married, and as a Middy he couldn't legally do that, and by switching he would be promoted immediately when he got his wings. Anyway, that's how I remember it.

I was sorry to hear about Ort's death. I worked with him in the early 70's to establish and com­puterize a mailing list for the early phases of the organization. I was coordinating the development of the BuPers computer system at the time. Left there in 1974 for my last 3 years of active duty doing essentially the same thing for the newly formed Training and Education Command.

After I retired in 1977, I was contacted by Computer Science Corp to design and build a training mgt system for the Marine Corps. Took a year, and the marines were so pleased, they came back for more. … . My wife died in Dec 2001, and I moved to VA in 2003. Still doing well, but somehow just don't have the drive that I used to have ... Don't understand why!

* Flying Midshipmen LOG, winter 2010; © 2010.


Pensacola Preflight Class 14-49