Wimberly, Texas
February 8, 1990

MIDN Lou Ives
1109 Fox Ridge
Earlysvillr, Virginia 22936


Dear Lou,

It seems it takes longer and longer to get things done but will at last get around to responding to your interesting packet of information dated December 19, 1989. This date (February 8) has some significance for me since it was on this date that I enlisted in the Navy in 1944.

Just a couple of tid bits of info for your files. In my case the 10B is the Pre-flight class I was in at Iowa City (October 1945). I was part of the group that started Pre-flight at Iowa City and then on December 7, 1945 we were all moved to Ottumwa. Another item is that I served in VP-6 with Robert A. Greenkorn (also a Midn). He left the Navy when his time was up and returned to school to get his PhD (physics I believe) and taught at Purdue. His address is:

Robert A. Greenkorn
151 Knox Drive
West Lafayette, IN 49706

I don’t believe Greenkorn ever joined FMA. Greenkorn, Dave Styles (FMA member) and I were all in VP-6 (P2V) together. I was PPC, Greenkorn the Navigator, and Styles the Asst. Navigator when we were shot down at Chinnampo, Korea. HMS Kenya picked us out of the Yellow Sea and a few days later we were returned to our squadron. The Co-pilot in the crew was a LTJG from the USNA class of ’46. That incident ended the armed recco flights of patrol aircraft.

Thanks for the infoemation packet and I always look forward to receiving mail from FMA. Edna and I had a great time at the Pensacola reunion in 1962 and we regret that we have not been able to attend some of the other get togethers.

P.O. Box 74
Wimberly, TX 78676


owa City Preflight Class 10-B [#95 Midshipman]