“Why Me?”

I don't remember my pre-flight class number, but two things I do recall: first there was a great flood in Ottumwa and our class was dispatched to town to keep order. The second was that for some reason during graduation ceremonies, I was put in charge of the graduating class. I remember this clearly Because I had to order a quick "Left Flank March" in order to avoid colliding with the band which suddenly turned into our path in front of the reviewing stand. I can still see the look of horror on the band leader's face and the tension in the reviewing stand during those few seconds of imminent collision and the immense relief of all as I steered the midshipmen out of the way of tubas, trumpets, and drums. Those Middies were unflappable as they responded to that "Left Flank March." Can anyone tell me why I was out there "barking orders"?

Ottumwa & Pensacola Preflight Class 9-47