Dear “Sweet” Lou,

Really enjoyed hearing from you and talking to you after these many years. Just received my Winter copy of the Flying Midshipmen Newsletter. Really brought back a lot of fond memories and has been thoroughly enjoyed.

“ONCE A JOCK” is a classic column and tidbits are great. I was fortunate to receive the Jay C. Proctor story and I’ll never forget the way Jay C. told the story of the farmer’s next sentence – “I knowed you’se in trouble when I seen you a-comin’ down in that parachute. The first time I aseen you, you was no bigger’n mah hand.” No doubt the accident board was able to make good use of that info to geometrically establish his bailout altitude.

Regret that I will not be able to attend the May reunion and rendezvous with you and all of our shipmates. However, am looking forward to hearing when the west coast reunion is scheduled and will plan to attend.

Meanwhile, thanks for the call and your enjoyable column.

 Best regards,

          /s/ Charlie







Ottumwa, Iowa, Pre-Flight Class 9/10-46