Letter to Robert L. “Bob” Brennan 15-48



This is in response to your letter requesting info on members of the class of 15-48 Aviation Midshipmen. I had a very uneventful career. To this day I rate only the GEDUNK medal.

4-5-50 Naval Aviator

7-1-50 Commissioned Ensign, USN

4-50 - 12-52 VP-24, Patuxant River, MD [PB4Y-2]
promoted to LTjg

1-53 - 6-54 Naval Intelligence School
Russian language, photo-interpretation, Air Intelligence

7-54 - 6-56 FAETULANT Norfolk, VA
various A/O. Made LT – [AD, TBM, P2V, R4D]

7-56 - 6-57 VAH-1, Jacksonville
A3Ds (I was not qualified to fly them)

7-57 - 6-58 FASRON (?) Norfolk, VA
SNB proficiency – O and R Liaison – Officer to Norfolk
Overhaul & Repair factory

7-58 - 6-59 BTG-7, Memphis, Tenn.
T2V Jet instrument trainer (Navy carrier adaptation of T-33)

7-59 - 6-61 Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls, KS.

C-47 - T-33 (proficiency, made LCDR)

7-61 - 9-63 USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) TF
Air Intelligence (LCDR)

Resigned regular commission

9-63 - 2-72 Grosse Isle NAS & Selfridge
ANG – NAF – Insurance Agent

7/66 CDR – USNR

Retired 2-72 CDR – USNR


1988 Started receiving retirement pay as Reservist retiree

As you can see, I had some varied experiences specializing in Air Intelligence. I wanted to get back on active duty during Viet Nam action but LCDR/CDRs not wanted. Air America CIA Operation wouldn’t take me because of Air Intelligence job on CVA-14. I had access to sensitive information which would be valuable should I be captured (e.g. if I could remember name of B girls at ports of call – among other things).

I married in 1951, had 5 sons and 6 daughters – yes – I’m Catholic (17 grandchildren). Ran for political offices, but never elected. Devote myself to volunteer work including East Central Michigan Planning and Development Region (part of EDA), Reserve Officers Association, Navy League of the U.S., American legion, church groups, and political organizations.

Never dented an airplane. About 3500 total pilot hours. 16 different models. Flew S2F – S2Es in reserves.

Deployed to Med twice (6th fleet), Far East (7th fleet) twice – did see the world.

I can’t locate myself in contrasty photocopy. I don’t have original. There is another Gerald John Parent who was in class 8-48? (Canadian by birth. I am Gerald Joseph Parent).

MIDN Gerald J. Parent  Bat IV Preflight Class 15-48      sometime between July and December 1948

MIDN Gerald J. Parent     Whiting Field             January-February 1949

LTjg Gerald Joseph Parent with son,  Joseph A. Parent    Piney Woods, Maryland  (NAS Patuxent River, Maryland)    about October 1953

Pensacola Pre-Flight Class15-48