[Received from Jim Bienias January 1994.]

For the record – Herbert W. Willis

During the generation of this document, the name of Herb Willis came up as a possible member of Pre-Flight Class 13-47. Not anyone of those contacted had any record or recollection that Herb was a member of this class. Based on the feedback received from those contributing to this document, had decided not to include nor count Herb Willis as part of Pre-Flight Class 13-47. This was confirmed by the information recently received. Yet, in Herb’s memory, the following is provided.

Herbert W, (Herb) Willis Naval Aviator

Ensign, USN [504463] Deceased Oct. 13, 1949
Interred at: Location unknown.

Next of Kin, 1949:
Justine Willis, Mother, 2115 Kim Street, Murphysboro, IL.

“B. 10-13-27, Murphysboro, Ill. Enlisted into the V-5 Program, 7-5-45. Pre-Flight, Ottumwa, Iowa. Appointed Midshipman, USN, 3-31-47. Continued on into flight training: NAS Corpus Christi, Tex., 6-27-47; NATB Pensacola, Fla., 12-16-47; NAS Jacksonville, Fla., 6-8-48. Earned wings and designated Naval Aviator, 10-14-48. Fleet Air, West Coast, San Diego, Calif., 10-15-48; NAS Alameda, Calif., squadron VA-195, 1-19-49. Commissioned Ensign, USN, in 1949. Died 10-13-49, off shore of San Francisco, Calif.”

-From Navy records courtesy of Mr. Bernard F. Cavalcante, [U.S. Naval Historical Center] 3-28-91.

Herb Willis attended Bucknell University (along with Bill Walton) prior to Pre-Flight. Feedback information from others indicate that, while on active duty, Herb was killed in a PBY accident.






Ottumwa, Iowa, Preflight Class [not listed, possibly 6-47]