“Tale of an Ace” *

During the Korean War, on our return from strikes off our carrier, the Bonnie Dick, after bombing strategic targets, we often proceeded to strafe various surface units. We strafed railroad yards, storage centers, machine-gun nests, other military targets, and occasionally we would get some livestock. On my tour of fifty odd strikes, I got quite a few oxen, some goats, and seven (7) Communist horses. It was this particular distinguished service for which I received the outstanding honor of becoming a "Horse's Ace." I have always been proud of that exalted honor and have tried to maintain the eminent status associated with the title. In April 2001, I was recognized at an extremely high level fiesta in San Antonio by EI Rey Fio (The Ugly King), who awarded me another medal of distinction. Even though I have not been in recent contact with any enemy horses, once a Horse's Ace, always a Horse's Ace! I hate to brag, but that's mel A Genuine Horse's Ace!

* Aviation Midshipmen Log, summer 2001; © 2001.

Pensacola Preflight Class 4-48