Oral interview recorded by Lou Ives, FMA Jacksonville, FL, reunion 4-07-88

[Background conversation:
If that red light’s on, just start talkin’.
Just anything ya wanna say?
O.K., where’s the …
First, give your name.
Oh, sure.]

Pete Tufo, here, Aviation Midshipman Class [garbled]-48. Originally enlisted in 1945, entered the Aviation Midshipman Program at Dartmouth.

Pensacola in September ’47. Wings in June … ’49. Commissioned September 4th, … ’49.

First duty … [NAS] Quonset Point … VP-8. Released to inactive duty June ’50 … Recalled ’51.

VR at Hawaii … Retired from active duty July 1970.

O.K., where’s off?

Pensacola Pre-Flight Class 17-47