“Greetings from the U.S. Coast Guard” *

c. May 2009


FMA LOG winter 2010Thank you for the message of 23 May '09. The V-5 Program has had a most important affect on my life. I was in Class of 16-47, but did not complete flight training. I spent 45 years on the Police Force of Miami/Dade Florida and was Chief of Police of Sanibel, Florida.

The start with the Navy certainly helped. I now have four degrees and als0 completed 24 years Regular Navy and active Reserve duty in the US Coast Guard. I retired at age 60 as a Captain (0-6) with Officer Designators of Port Security & Intelligence, among others.

I congratulate you Roy as our Executive Director. The FMA continues to be very important to me.

Richard H. Plager ... Captain (ret) US Coast Guard (R)
2267 Lake Shore Blvd. West #408 ... Toronto, ON, M8V 3X2 Canada

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Pensacola Preflight Class 16-47