When at Whiting picked up a waitress at City Café. Went to midnight movie and then took taxi to her home. On opening gate her brother shot 3 times over my head with a .22 rifle. Cab took off. Mother came out, took gun away and sent brother back to bed. Had to walk back to Milton. Next Saturday, having coffee with Grady, only cab driver in town, when brother walked in and sat by Grady, pointed at MIDN Don Jeffers, who looked like me, and said, “See that guy? Last week I shot at him.” My reply was, “You SOB, that was me!” He looked at me and said, “It sure was!”

During my PP1P check in the P2V, while flying over Gander, feathered starboard prop. On unfeathering had fire in wing beam. After fire out made single-engine landing at Gander to runway over 1,000 feet wide. No nose steering, so used excess speed to turn off runway and taxi to ramp area. Check pilot then gave me an “up.” Wasn’t sure I had one till th[unfinished].

On SAR run [from] Adak to Attu, unable to land at Attu, so landed at Shemya in wind over 60 knots. Had to fly on deck for over 1 hour. Right after wind abated, Reeve’s Aleutian Airways in a DC-3, made an approach following the ship channel and buoys to beat me in and pick up a patient.

Pensacola Preflight Class 18-47