“Fifty Years Later and Still in Formation !”

FMA Log winter 1999Walt Ohlrich (lead SNJ-5) and Marvin Quaid (dark SNJ-6) both from pre-flight class (14-48) are shown flying together during the 60th anniversary celebration of the "First Flight" of the T-6/SNJ series airplanes at Kenosha, Wisconsin in late July 1998. In the rear seat of Marvin's SNJ is son, Jeff Quaid, CDR, USNR, Ret. "It was a real thrill to fly our own aircraft and attend such a big event with 108 of these type ‘birds’ present," said Ohlrich. Also in attendance: 11 T-28s, 4 P-51s and a B-25. Large formation flights with as many as 60-70 planes were routinely flown during the 3-day event. On the 4th day, the large group proceeded to Oshkosh, Wisconsin with 12 plane squadrons in trail formation that extended for over 2 miles.

(Walt authored a book on the SNJ, published by Specialty Press in 1984, titled "Pilot Maker" It is currently out of print but you might luck across a copy in an old book store.) 

Pensacola Preflight Class 14-48