Able Dog [AD] pilot Walt Karr

Letter to Lou Ives

Hope you can use this. Was nice talking to you. Let's get together some day!

/s/ Walt



Pilot becomes Doctor

LT W. M. Karbowski, Pilot 1948/ Doctor Walter M. Karr, DDS ‘92

LT Walter M. Karr (formerly Karbowski). Born in Chicago and joined the Navy right after High School in '44. Boots in Jacksonville, then to Radio & Gunnery schools. Received Air Crewman wings and entered the Midshipman program. Went to flight training and won his Navy Wings in '48. Joined VA-135 and flew off the Princeton (CV-37) until the ship went into mothballs. Left the Navy in '50, and entered Dental School under the GI Bill. He hung out his shingle in Chicago, married Alice and had 4 children. He still enjoys his work, his 4 grandchildren, and manages to do some fishing & gardening.



Ottumwa, Iowa, Pre-Flight Class 9-46