Great Joy to all the ships at sea,
And fear to all our enemy!
This awful war you’ll terminate
The seed of peace you’ll germinate.

We know ‘twas tough to leave the coast
Where many months you were the toast,
But all good things, you know, must end
Your place is here, not there, dear friend.

We hope you had a merry stay
While basking out Hawaii’s way,
‘Cause, Sister, now you’re gonna sweat
The roughest schedule you’ve ever met.

From dawn till dusk, the planes you’ll launch,
Until the crew has lost that paunch,
And maybe in a month or so
For ten short days, to port you’ll go.

You’ll need the rest, we’ll all avow,
For you’ll have worked damned hard, and how!
And soon you’ll find that actually,
Recuperation’s best at sea.

We’re sure you’re conditioned air,
Will prove a boon and serve you fair,
The “Bonnie Dick” has naught so fancy.
Not even one MacDonnell Banshee.

We scramble still from deck to deck
By power of sturdy legs, by heck!
You see, we haven’t reached the state
Where we’re required to escalate!

We envy not your dandy frills
Oh! Welcome to Korean hills
We’re sure the Commies cringe in fear
For they’ve heard, at last, you’re here.

[The U.S.S. Essex (CV-9) finally arrived on the line with TF-77 22 August 1951]

1LT R.G. Hughes, VF-781. USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31), 21 August 1951.