1. Primary Flight Training
    1001 D St. #101
    Corpus Christi, Texas 78418
  2. Intermediate Flight Training
    NAS Pensacola
    150 Hase Rd.
    Southwest Pensacola, Florida 32508
  3. Advanced Flight Training
    NAS Jacksonville
    6801 Roosevelt Ave.
    Jacksonville, Florida 32212

For an over-all view of Naval Flight Training, start with Arnold Crohn, V-5 – The First Twelve Years 1935-1947.  This starts with the Inception of Naval Aviation in 1911, continues with the first formal program—The V-5--through World War Two and into the peacetime reorganization.  Crohn’s pamphlet is more of a comprehensive summary—

Navy flight training went through many organizational structures.  Basically, all programs consisted of an introductory non-flying stage (preflight) and several flight stages (primary, basic, advanced, and operational), before joining the fleet for duty.