“Sick Bay Chit” *

Planning a big one in LAX one long weekend in 1952, Lou Ives noted that he was on the squadron (VF-781) weekend flight schedule. He handed a note from the Flight Surgeon to the Squadron Exec stating that he was grounded for three days due to "penal drip." The Exec eyeballed him, put him on the flight schedule and the weekend OOD watch, and said, "Next time you forge a chit, spell it 'penile.'"

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“Autobiography” *

Ives' selections from The Brown Shoes © 1999:

Personal History 

Lou was born on the Ives of March 1928. He grew up, attended grammar and high school in Alhambra, California, and matricu­lated at Southern Cal at age 16.

He joined the Navy V-5 Program in June 1945 as Apprentice Seaman, fleeted up to Aviation Cadet in June 1946, Aviation Mid­shipman in December 1946, got his wings as Aviation Midshipman, USN, in June 1948. In December 1948, during a tour in Hawaii with VA-213 flyingTBMs, he received his commis­sion as Ensign, USN.

During a tour with VA-134 flying F4Us, Harry Truman and Omar Bradley con­spired to give him $200 and kick him out in December 1949. Their timing was bad--the Korean Fracas started in June 1950. Recalled from flying F6Fs in the Reserve at NAS Los Alamitos, Lou joined VF-781 at San Diego flying F4Us and F9Fs. 1950-1953, he made two tours with the squad­ron on the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) and the USS Oriskany (CV-34) with Task Force 77 in Korea.

He flew 129 combat hops over North Korea, mostly deep fighter reconnaissance, flak suppression, and combat air patrol. Shot both ways--up 6, down 2; ditched twice--(gotta stay current)--once in the Sea of Japan and the other in Wonsan Harbor.

Lou left active duty on July 31,1953, and stayed in the Reserve until 1959, flying F2Hs, F9Fs, and HUPs at Los Alamitos and Oakland. Had 2,000 flight hours, 189 carrier landings, and 5 cargo ship landings (in HUPs).

He was one of the pioneers (1955-1965) in the commercial helicopter industry, flying Bell 47s in Central California doing powerline patrol, fire fighting, construction sling-load, and agricul­ture. Got another 2,000 flight hours.

That was the fun part.

Lou received his only degree (MBA) from University of Virginia's Graduate Business School in 1967 at age 39 (after six undergraduate schools--with no degree)--23 years between ma­triculation and graduation.

Thereafter, followed 30 years mun­dane work in management and consulting ­mostly in small companies. He phased out his consulting in small business in the Virginia Piedmont area to put full time with colleague Pat Francis on The Brown Shoes History.

* Ives, Lou, Autobiography; © 2003.


Ottumwa, Iowa, Preflight Class 9-46