Dale E. Davis
2601 Rio Plato Dr.
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

December 2, 1988

[after the ANA 1988 convention in PNS]

Well, I finally got my act together and am now going on the road. As I noted in my May letter I finally got an enhancer after about 2 months of trying, then found out that it doesn’t seem to do such a very good job. Then the camcorder viewfinder blew a diode and a couple of other little doodads. All that combined with some classic procrastinations brings us to the present.

I combined the Forrestal with the [Blue] Angels.[some words deleted], a solo F-14, the Harrier, and a PBY. Note the wind movement on the F-14 during its maneuvering (downright uncanny). The PBY was provided by a gent who was a radioman during WW II, made his fortune in California real estate, then felt like doing something for his fellow Navy people. He bought a PBY and has a pilot fly it all over the country to airshows like ours and you’ll be astounded at the appearance inside.

I hope you’ll forgive me (I’ll do penance by not making the ANA-89 bash at Disneyland next year), and welcome me back at one down the road. The best to all of you.

P.S. [Handwritten note—in ink—washed out with water during the fire].

/signed/ Dale and Joan