To start, let's cite some aircraft moves. First, roll:
to rock from side to side, or turn complete-
ly, stick hard left, as if to drill a hole
where cloud-strewn sky and planet's surface meet.

Next, pitch: to dip at bow, then stern, and churn,
like plunging ships abroad on stormy seas.
Stick forward, build up speed, haul back and spurn
Earth's pull, strain high, and loop with leaden Gs.

Now yaw: deflect to right and left, wings straight,
make uncoordinated swerves off course.
Yank nose straight up, kick rudder, stall, gyrate,
and hold on tight to twisting horse.

So far just words, still safe, your basic stuff;
but soar up once, you'll never get enough.

* Flying Midshipman LOG, summer 2006; © 2006.

Ottumwa, Iowa, Preflight Class 9-46