Letter to Lou Ives

December 5, 1988

Sirs: [Transcriber: “SIRS”?? They sure indoctrinated these new kids!]

Visiting with Jim Jenista [14-46]. After some 30 [sic] odd years, I heard of the  organization [Flying Midshipman Association]. I would like information about joining, and I may have a little information about others.

My Statistics

James C. Glover


12005 Hearthstone Circle

14-46 (Ottumwa)

Huntsville, AL 35803

June ‘48

Flew ASW (TBMs), off to college, back to active duty for Korea, was to be with VA(N), VC-35, pulled out to help form COD [Carrier Onboard Delivery], Japan/Korea, then back to college, Flew Reserve Denver, then L.A.


Dropped to inactive in 1960, moved to Alabama. Have been involved in Space program since, NASA until retirement, Rockwell now.

Still playing with the flying machines, but mine only burns 4 gallons per hour –

(Taylorcraft). Sort of keeping the fun going.

Glanced through Jim’s Roster, Sept ’88, noticed you didn’t have Stu Madison in your list of deceased.

Stu was in 13 or 14-46, June ’48 Rated Aviator, TP [Teat Pilot] School probably ’52, was flying VF(N) West Coast for a while, went to Chance Vought in late ‘50s as experimental T.P., did some development and most armament work on F8U-3. Was killed in crash of Vought’s 4-engine transport early ‘60s to the best of my recall now.

[Transcriber: Went through Hogs with Stu. Got lost on a RON to ATL. Last saw him after recall at SAN. Heard of the above tale, but no details. An informed rumor until now. Thanks.]

Please pass on membership information. I will try to oil up the memory and see if I can dredge up anything else.




Jim Glover

December 5, 1988

My long-term address is as in front of the letter. I am temporarily (probably through March) with Papoon, Inc., in Las Vegas, on loan from Rockewll.

(This is the solid Propellant Component Producer that blew their plant up last May—the government is putting lots of push into getting them back in line.)

Temporary address is [5 December ‘88],

Until April,

James C. Glover

c/o Pepoon Production, Inc.

P.O. Box 797

Henderson, Nevada 89015-0797


/s/ Jim.

Ottumwa, Iowa, Preflight Class 14-46