Machine hole-punch form

General Cause of Accident:
Date: 20 July 1950, 1342 p.m.
Location: 34-58 N, 127-13 E.
Name: THOMSON, Keith Edward, (rank garbled), USN
[Unit]: VF-54
Injuries to Pilot: Missing in Action

Specific Cause of Accident:
Aircraft Model & No. F4U-4, 97103
Damage & Remarks: Destroyed by Strafing
(garbled) Mission-Korea EA
Classification of Accident Causes (garbled). (initialed) WRN

Strike on SW Korea

Forced landing due to loss of oil pressure probably caused by small arms fire.

Pilot observed leaving aircraft after landing.

Rescue attempt 25 July 5th Air Force helicopter aborted due to darkness and fuel exhaustion.
Second helicopter attempt 25 July aborted due to enemy troops in area. Escape and evasion unit report 27 July, Pilot believed in friendly hands enroute Pusan.

(note: garbled).


File No. 496511, close to Ottumwa Preflight Class 13-46


unknown preflight class