Letter to Lou Ives


August 10, 1994

This doesn't relate to any escapades as a Flying Midshipman, although Paul Engel's story about the exploding basin did call to memory a spectacular water fight one night in the Whiting barracks using the convenient pump-type water-filled fire extinguishers. As I recall the fight was rather widespread and I believe it was on the second deck, much to the chagrin of those living on the lower deck who became unwilling victims as the water seeped (poured?) down on them ... but that's another story. Rather, in response to your request I thought I would pass along a couple of license plates of interest.

My wife and I have a motor home in which we enjoy traveling for a few weeks at a time several times a year. Usually we make a general itinerary but no schedule so that we can stay to enjoy special places or to make interesting side trips. Hence, our license plates sort of convey our philosophy, the plate on the motor home is NO ETA and on the small pickup (dinghy) we pull behind, NO ETD.

Incidentally, there are motor home clubs throughout the country for different makes of motor homes or different interest groups so it occurs that there may be some Flying Midshipmen motor home owner who would be interested in a formal or informal chapter. I would be glad to act as a contact point for those who may be have any thoughts on the matter.


Thanks, and best regards,

/s/ Ralph Peters



Pensacola Pre-Flight Class 13/14-48